Assets and Credit

As can be seen in Figure 16, very few Moroccan women have their own assets that could be drawn up on times of financial need. Barely more than one in ten currently or formerly married women report having any financial savings, and fewer than this have land or an apartment or house with the title in their name, or portable items of high value such as a car or jewelry.

Although few Moroccan women at all have financial assets, some groups are more likely to have them than others.

Among women who said they did have access to credit, the most common source was from micro lenders such as Amana, Zakoura, and Fondep (27%). Twenty-three percent said they could get loans or credit from commercial banks, and almost as many said they rely on relatives or their parents for loans or credit (22%) (Table 1).

Nearly half of currently or formerly married Moroccan women say they would be unable to financially support themselves and their family without the income provided by their husband or family.