Factors Influencing Voting Choices

All survey respondents were asked about the most important factors that would influence their voting choices when voting in parliamentary elections. The results show that for both women and men, the top three factors are the same and in the same order.

Survey respondents were next asked to rank their top policy concerns, i.e. the issues that they believe elected officials should prioritize while in office.

When looking at women’s policy priorities by residential density, we find that fighting poverty is the number one policy concern for all women, whether they live in urban areas, rural areas, or in small towns or large villages. For women living in small villages, the second policy priority is improving access to healthcare. This ranks fifth for women living in small towns or large villages and much lower in the ninth place for women living in urban areas. The third policy priority for women living in small villages is fighting corruption; this ranks higher in the second place among women living in small towns or large villages and urban areas.