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Quality of Medical Care - Yemen

Yemeni women rate their health care as higher quality than do men. A quarter of men rate their medical care as bad, and 9% rate it as very bad, compared to 11% and 4% of women respectively. More women than men also rate their care as good quality (32% vs. 19%) (not shown). Neither men nor women receive very good quality care however – only 4% of women and 2% of men rate it as such (not shown).

Figure 8 shows that across all levels of household income, the majority of women say they receive either good or average care.

  • Over a third of women in households with 100,000 riyals or more receive average care, and over 40% of women in households with an income of 60,000 to 99,000 riyals also receive average care.
  • Although a quarter of women in households with less than 20,000 riyals report receiving good care, 16% of these lower income women receive bad care, and 7% receive very bad. Only 5% and 2% of women in the highest household income bracket receive bad and very bad care, respectively.
  • In addition, despite occupying the highest income category, only 8% of upper-income women receive very good care.