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Access to Loans and Credit - Lebanon

Married women who work and have high educational attainment and monthly income are more likely than others to have access to credit and loans. However, when looking at age category the same trend does not follow.   

Almost half of working married women felt that they could obtain a bank loan or other credit on their own (46%), which is almost three times as much as non-working married women (16%).

Nearly six times as many married women with a university degree or more (59%) as married women with a primary education (10%), felt that they could obtain a bank loan or other credit on their own.  Twenty percent of married women with an intermediate education level and 35% of married women with a secondary education level had access to credit.

Five times as many married women earning $901 or more each month (71%) as married women earning less than $300 (14%) could obtain a bank loan or access other types of credit, compared to 45% of married women earning $301-500, and 57% earning $501-900. It is not surprising that loan officers want evidence of the borrower’s ability to repay a loan.

More married women aged 35-54 could obtain bank loans or other credit (27%), than married women aged 18-34 (23%) and 55 and older (15%).