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Infographics Help Advocacy Efforts for Women
Tue, July 12, 2011 - 7:43:35
Wordle Infographic

In July 2011, IFES gathered 25 women’s advocates from Lebanon, Morocco and Yemen and conducted a two-day training in Beirut, Lebanon on how to utilize and visually represent SWMENA data.

The two-day training in Lebanon introduced the participants to information graphics (infographics). Information graphics is emerging as an important skill for visual representation of complex information and data. It is a powerful way to help explain complex statistics and relationships in data findings.

The training focused on IFES’ SWMENA survey data. During the training the new SWMENA website—which will make previously released survey findings accessible and easy to use for women’s advocacy and development work in each country—was showcased as an example of infographics.

Participants learned how to produce professionally designed infographics by taking complex survey data and visually simplifying it for use in presentations and advocacy materials for key stakeholders such as policymakers, students, media and academics.

Participants interacted with advocates from each of the three countries, allowing them to share experiences, build networks and provide advice and guidance beyond training. The data on the new SWMENA website will be accessible after the training to ensure constant access to information and sustainability of advocacy efforts.

To view photos and videos from the two-day workshop, visit the SWMENA photo site, here.